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"Director Patrick Fitzwater lives up to the challenge with an energetic cast and a pulsing production that rocks the Broward Center’s Amaturo Theater. The large talented cast belts out the big production numbers. "

- JW Arnold, South Florida Gay News

Footoose, Ensemble

"A hallmark of Slow Burn Theatre Company is its knack in finding new, mostly young talent and shaping those performers’ creativity. That approach—and this current round of talent—are on full display. They’ve assembled an appealing cast that nails the musical numbers and delves a bit deeper into the underlying themes of Footloose such as teen angst, grief, parent-child relations and feeling like an outsider. "

-Oline H Cogdill, Florida Theatre On Stage

Footloose, Ensemble


" absolutely entertaining spectacle of dance set to some of the greatest hits of the 1980s"

- Jon Manarang, When the Lights Go Out

Footloose, Ensemble


Broadway World Awards; Denver:
Young Frankenstein (Thin Air Theatre Company)

Winner of 9 Awards including; Best Musical, Best Choreography, Best Ensemble (thats me!), Best Direction and Best Local Theatre!


"Kimmy Sessions is going to be my shoutout for the chorus. She stood out and she did her job. She was very enthusiastic and enjoyable and really had a great time it looked like to me.  I appreciate to see that in the chorus."

- Tom Jankowski ( KROS Radio)

Escape to Margaritaville (Esnemble/Dance Captain) 

Elle's friends and very own Greek Chorus, Margot, Serena and Pilar, are portrayed wonderfully by Kimmy Sessions, Margot Frank and Isabella Abuan. The trio is hilariously inspiring in "Positive" and other songs.

- Samantha Pride (My Caroll County News)

Legally Blonde (Margot)


Darren Mangler and Kimmy Sessions are delightfully sinister at Rooster and Lily St. Regis. This duo teams up wonderfully with Finley's Miss Hannigan for truly delightful renditions of "Easy Street."

-Samantha Pride (My Caroll County News)

Annie (Lily. St Regis/Dance Captain)


Sister Mary Leo played by the delightful Kimmy Sessions used dance to devote herself to God and she is always in her ballet slippers, which is wonderful to see.

- Tom Jankowski (Kros Radio)

Nunsense (Sister Mary Leo)

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